The importance of strong passwords and how to create a strong password

Password are usually the easiest targets for hackers and you need a strong password to protect your logins.

Email addresses and passwords may have been made available from the dark web in data breaches such as Houzz, Adobe, BT, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox This is why you should have a strong password and never use the same password twice. You cancheck if your email address is being sold at . It can be quite a sobering reminder to keep things safe and secure.

These lists are often used by attackers to brute force WordPress websites. This is why you should always use strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts.

Strong passwords should meet the following standards:

  • At least 1 uppercase character
  • At least 1 lowercase character
  • At least 1 digit
  • At least 1 special character
  • At least 10 characters, with no more than two identical characters in a row

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