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Fundamentally we are a marketing company at heart. We just happen to be doing online marketing because it is the most powerful form of marketing currently available, and likely to remain so.

The main appeal of online marketing is just how accountable and responsive it is. You can measure virtually anything and then enhance those things that deliver results and ditch those that don’t. It’s inexpensive to experiment and, in reality, what works for someone else won’t necessarily be the same for you. You need to find out for yourself.

Online marketing doesn’t work in isolation to your other activities so we can help develop plans that encompass both to give you maximum returns.

All online successes, from viral videos to popular products are based on good interaction. An interaction is an exchange of value and for it to be successful you need to be even handed. If you want someone to give their email address then you’ve got to give them an irresistible offer to do that. If you want them to read your newsletter then give them content of real value.

Our experience covers all spheres of offline and online marketing. Online we can help with web sites, online stores, blogs, social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email Marketing. Depending on requirements we have a number of trusted partners who can provide these services if you require a much more advanced solution – no-one can be an expert at everything.

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