E-commerce / Online Shops

Making money online – Refining your business model, focusing on profit, building your customer base , developing relationships, increasing traffic

Web Design

Building sites that people want to use – Understanding your goals, creating ideas that work , developing interaction, increasing usability, ensuring its easy for you to update


Increasing productivity and better customer relationships – Better communications, easier management, greater productivity, better customer service

Content Management System

Easy to use content administration – Keeping content up to date, involving staff in process


Creating interaction and involvement – games, ringtones and sms messages, competitions, video

Search Engine Optimisation

Be properly listed by main search engines – Optimising your web pages, ensuring the content has value, matching users searches with your pages, Search Engines Marketing

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Advertising

Buying your way to the top – Creating an online advertising strategy , calculating your cost per acquisition , optimising your buying, monitoring and improving it , only paying for qualified visitors you receive

E-mail Marketing

Campaigns that communicate effectively and instantly, e-mail design, list acquistion and strategy, tracking and monitoring

Rich Media Advertising

Creating maximum impact – targeted advertising, animated graphics and sound, interactive involvement

Affiliate Marketing

Getting your customers to sell for you – development of affiliate strategy, building relationships, creating right reward structure, tracking progress

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